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February is a busy month

Yep … the Super Bowl this Sunday and then Valentine’s Day is coming up and last but not least would be my upcoming wedding on 2/19. We continue to practice our wedding dance which is a waltz to the Norah Jones song … “come away with me”. Last Tuesday the studio owner, Eleanor Lachman, worked with us for about an hour to fine tune our dance routine. We made some minor changes and I think we are both pretty comfortable with everything.

The studio has a lot of activity lately as Eleanor has added some young and energetic new dance instructors. I encourage anyone who is looking for a good Valentine’s Day gift to consider giving a gift certificate from the studio for some lessons as a Valentine’s Day present. It’s romantic … its fun … and its worthwhile.

Until next week!


PS – February 13, Super Sunday is our Valentine’s Day Dance at the studio. Competition 1:00-4:00 … Dinner 4:00 -5:30 … Dance until 7:30pm

Happy New Year!

Well we took our last dance lesson of 2010 last Tuesday and I must say it was a good one.  This time the studio was quite crowded and so we were under the scrutiny of about 10 people as we rehearsed our waltz for our upcoming wedding.  I think a lot of these people came from a recent Goupon that Eleanor ran a few days prior.  People were smiling at us as we danced … I can only hope that they enjoyed what they were watching.  I think we did ok … we are starting to pay more attention to the finer details of our routine … such as head position … the line of our arms, footwork, etc … This is encouraging and tells me that we pretty much have the overall routine memorized and now it is just a matter of fine tuning everything.

Maureen and I are determined to practice outside of our lessons … I hope we do.  To facilitate that I did write down our entire routine in an email and sent it to Maureen along with some notes from this most recent class.  She replied back with her notes added.  This seems to be an effective way to remember what was covered in the class.  Since this last lesson we have practiced on our own a couple of times.

Until next week!

Cha cha cha


Continuing to fine tune our waltz

Hello everyone!  Well, 73 days and counting until I get married in February of next year. This last Tuesday 12/7/10 Maureen and I had another great lesson with our fantastic dance instructor, katlin, at the Art of Ballroom Dance Center in Montgomery, Ohio. We continue to fine tune our waltz in preparation for our big wedding day. One-Two-three … One- Two- Three …. Remember the rise and fall … Keep my right hand in the small of her back … Don’t look down … What step shall I do next?

Ballroom dancing is as much a mental workout as it is a physical one. When one is able to put it all together, mental and physical, then it becomes a very rewarding and fun activity. Anyway, we have two routines now that we are trying to meld into one in preparation for our big night. I am convinced that when that big night comes I will probably freeze up and just wing it. Actually I probably dance best when I am just winging it anyway. The dance area that we will be dancing on at our wedding measures roughly 8 paces by 14 paces. This is not a very big space and has me a little concerned. Next week I think we will ask Katlin to help us figure out how to maneuver in such a small space. We also need to start working on the entrance and the finish for our dance. Any suggestions?

One observation I have about the studio this week. There seems to be more young people (twenty something) dancing and partaking a group lessons in the downstairs studio than in previous weeks. There seems to be a festive holiday spirit developing in the studio as of late. Very nice indeed!

Thanks for reading this …

Ashely Davies

88 days and counting!

Waltz … waltz … waltz … that’s all that we are thinking about now.  This Tuesday night (11/23/10) was our third lesson with katlin to prepare for our upcoming wedding dance.  Maureen, my fiancé, and I have decided to dance the waltz at our wedding and so we are busting our butts to learn the proper form … up! … down … up! … down.  Katlin our wonderful instructor teases us that there are two opposing forces at work in our waltz.  Maureen is excellent at the “up” and lacking on the “down” … where I am excellent on the  ”down” and struggle with the “up” … lol.  No doubt we are better than last week and will improve as we continue to practice.  Out homework for next week is to bring in some music choices and determine the size of the dance floor that we will have to dance on at our reception.

Anyway … all in all … this was another great lesson … great exercise … and great fun dancing with my baby doll.

Cha cha cha


Learn to dance … learn to live!

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Eleanor Lachman, the Center’s owner, has been a franchisee owner of four professional dance studios in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky since 1981. She is a Master Adjudicator and has served as Area and Regional Director for a major international dance organization. She has organized more than 60 Dance Showcases throughout her career. Her other credits include roles as both producer and performer of ballroom theme shows in reparatory theaters in Cincinnati. She founded Cincinnati Dancesport, a prestigious international ballroom competition, 13 years ago. By special invitation of the mayors of Cincinnati and Gifu, Japan, she produced and performed in a show to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Sister City program.